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If you are a young chemist (or having received training in any field related to the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics industry) and have finished vocational training, a bachelor, a PhD or are currently undertaking postdoc research and are thinking of looking for a job in the chemical industry in another EU country than your own, then this portal can support, help and encourage you in your decision.

ECEG (European Chemical Employers’ Group), FECCIA (European Federation of Managerial Staff in the Chemical and Allied Industries) and industriAll European Trade Union have developed this portal in a project to connect you with a dedicated mentor, who works in the chemical industry in the EU country or countries of your choice.

This mentor will act as your personal contact and is ready to answer questions you may have about the country you consider moving to. This may include e.g. the following aspects regarding that country:

  • General information about the chemical sector
  • Insight into the working environment in companies
  • What to consider when writing a job application
  • Information about salaries in the chemical sector
  • Introduction to the general cultural context, i.e. how it is to live in that country
  • Overview of living costs (e.g. rent, subsistence, services etc.)
  • Guidance to social services (e.g. health, pensions, schools, childcare etc.)
  • Help with administrative issues (e.g. bank account, registering with the authorities etc.)
  • Be a general point of contact

All mentors have been trained by the project partners or have been provided with the necessary mentoring guidance. The main task of our mentors is to provide personal advice to you in any way they can, though it is not their responsibility to provide you with an actual job offer. For this purpose, there are already several online-databases available, including the European Job Mobility Portal by EURES.

The European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN) has gathered a wide range of information for studying or working in Europe, country by country. For more details please visit map.eycn.eu !

If you would like to be connected to one of our mentors, please fill in the adjacent online-form and we will allocate an appropriate mentor to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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